Frequently Asked Questions About This

What is This?
This is a website, I'm certain of that. What is is beyond that I'm less certain of. It is designed to be responsive, both in the design sense and in the sense that I might change my mind about what it is and what it's trying to do. For now, it's a place where people can learn about me, see some of the work that I've done, and read some of my personal thoughts.
So in other words it's a personal site? With a blog and a portfolio?
...yeah, I guess for the moment it's that.
How was it built?
The major lifting is done by Next.js, a React meta framework from ZEIT. It's styled using Tailwind, a CSS library by Adam Wathan. It's hosted on ZEIT's Now platform, and deployed automatically via commits at GitHub. The content is primarily powered by GitHub issues. Those are the big concepts.
Wait, who are you?
Right. My name is Dan Laugharn, I'm currently a full stack engineer at Amherst, but I've been writing code for the web in some capacity for 20 years. I also built a platform called Family Computer that you should try out.
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